Saturday, December 16, 2006


Ric Gould just sent me the Sunday jazz show schedule. Please tune in. He's gonna play Phil Wigfall's solo CD title cut "Cosmic Soul," Santa Fe's "Munequita," and a track from Dave and Lenny's awesome Christmas CD. Dave Siefkes has the entire jazz show set list for us here.


So, it's about 11:20 a.m., I got 97.1 FM streaming live on Ric Gould's excellent jazz show, and I'm playin' with this new Finale PrintMusic charting app I just bought yesterday at The Guitar Center on Trop. Life is good...

See you all tomorrow night at The Palms. Yeah!

UPDATE: the MySpace thing

Some of the guys in the band now have MySpace pages, and I put one up too recently, basically as another venue through which to tout the band. Click here to see it. My "Friends" links section is growing. Gabe, Jamie, Nathan, and Phil are among them, along with our friends like Mosaic, Joe Bergeron, Bobby Black, Blaise, Robert Conti, Ronnie Foster, etc.

The other day I was surfing MySpace and ran across an old bud from Tennessee, Gary Loyd. I'd lost track of this cat, and have always wondered how he has fared. Fine, as it turns out.

Back around 1982, Gary came over to the house in South Knoxville and threw down the lead vocal on one of my original song demos, a tune entitled "Without Loving You" (click here, mp3, that's Mark Douthit on alto, he was about 18 at the time. Cat is another Bad Boy). Gary was highly regarded in the area as this sort of hybrid Cristopher Cross / Al Jarreau-ish dude with great chops and feel. Everyone dug and respected him.

Gary migrated to Nashville, where he now writes for Clint Black's publishing house. Cat went all Rascal Flatts on me. Click his name, listen to his tune "Not Yet," it's very, very cool. Gary, I wish you massive success.

One thing that strikes me as I crash around MySpace is the incredible sheer volume of musical talent out there. Very cool.
But, no wonder no one can hardly make a living at it; it seems like there's gotta be ten credible artists for every discretionary entertainment dollar people have to spend.

It's why I retain my Golden Handcuffs day gig.


Cholly said...

Hey! Your song was very pretty! I love all the extra touches you add to this site; really look forward to reading it each week! Thanks - I know it's a lot of hard work. Love the pics too.
Is the lady in the pic with Gary Lloyd named Marla? If so, I knew her a few years back, in Branson! Small world. Have a great week - all of you! Cholly Milcic (nashville)

BobbyG said...

Thanks for the kind words, Cholly. Some of my old tunes are here:

I've started writing again. Santa Fe has inspired me immensely.

I don't know who the woman is in the pic with Gary Loyd, assume his wife. ???

Cholly said...

Bobby -
Wow! Am listening to your tunes and reading the lyrics - you're a great writer! No wonder you like Santa Fe so much - a lot of it has the same feel. I'm glad to hear you're writing again - keep it up! I'm sure you have a lot to say. And being around Santa Fe can ONLY be inspiring. I feel like I received most of my musical education around them, for sure! They're so amazing. (I'm humbled. Wow.)
I, too, am a songwriter. Nothing to brag about for now - but, at last count have 99 - I guess I'd be considered an "infant" around here! Some, I'm still tweaking. (I play piano). Have spent this past year working consistantly on them - I think I'm to the stage of actually doing something with them now! (getting demos, etc.) I would LOVE to be able to make a living at it. That's MY big !@$# dream!!!

Hey - found out, YES that's Marla, Gary Loyd's wife! (links to his website). Cool. Yes, we knew each other in Branson. She had a studio, and plugged songs in Nashville. Small world.

Well - keep heart. You're doing a good thing. Wish I were there to hear it with you guys! You lucky ducks!
Happy Holidays, and all that ho-ho!
Cholly Milcic - Nashville

BobbyG said...

Thank you, Cholly. I don't think it's overstating it to say that Santa Fe has saved my life (extended it at least). I've been struggling the past few years with some chronic health issues, and struggling with recurrent episodic depression over my daughter's death 8 years ago. I was looking to maybe start playing again, and Paul Purtle hipped me to Santa Fe. I was floored. Total ego wipeout from the first tune. A life-changing encounter.

Now, were these cats just killer players but full of attitude, I'd have just moved on, but they are -- to a man -- truly the nicest people I've met in music or anywhere. Jerry Lopez has totally inspired me; we talk personal life/music perspective stuff all the time. He's an ace human being. He turned me on to the book "The War of Art" (I posted about that book earlier in the blog) which has changed my entire outlook on creativity and effort. You simply MUST buy it and study it. You simply MUST write. Each of us has something unique to contribute, something to help heal humanity and ourselves at the same time). Go for it.

That's so cool about Gary's wife. LOL!!! Gary -- that cat can really sing! And his lyrics are fine, fine, fine.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.Thanks for posting your thoughts.


Cholly said...

Bobby Gladd - I, too, have been struggling for several years, with the health issues and the depression valleys - so I know only too well what you're talking about! My heart is with you! Thank God for Paul Purtle. And SANTA FE!!! Those boys have the recipe right!!!...."It was a good day, the day they were born". (I KNOW without a doubt, that's why I was sooo happy living in Vegas - had my weekly dose of Santa Fe!) Music, has literally saved my life, as well....and been my constant companion. Writing - it IS therapeutic! And playing, too. I'll never stop. Listening, learning, writing, playing. Thanks for the mention of the book "The War of Art" - I did read about it -I promise I will get it for MYSELF for Christmas!!!
P.S. I LOVE your rendition of "Eleanor Rigby". Way cool!
Merry Christmas, all! Hope to see you in '07. Love, Cholly Milcic - Nashville

BobbyG said...

LOL! Yeah, "Eleanor Rigby" that as fun. That was a lttle 5 pc band, no keyboard, just guitar, bass, drums, tenor sax, and trombone. We were aggressive.