Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Kids Are Alright...

The historic phrase -- apropos, in a way -- just leapt out this morning. I was doin' my early mornin' surf-around on MySpace, clicked on Kenny Loggins' page, which led me to his son Crosby's MySpace page. OMG!

I love this line in his tune "Same Old Song live" -
"...he'd been accused of tryin' to fill his father's shoes, but, Dad was kind and left them by the door..."
How nice is that? Wow.

Yeah, the kids are indeed alright. Consider our friend Bill Champlin's boy, Will Champlin. Many of you will recall the killer new arrangement Santa Fe is doing of the tune "All My Might." That's a Will Champlin tune.

I am blessed to have been able to hear some of the studio roughs that Jerry shared with me regarding Bill's upcoming new CD. Will and Tamara will be on it (along with our Fat City Horns and other great cats). I've listened to two Will Champlin tunes amid those cuts (featuring Will on lead vocals) that are just fine as can be.

BTW- Crosby has a totally kick-ass website done by Joe Koenig of San Luis Obispo. Cat has a client rap sheet a mile long. Great work. Check out his work for Crosby's Management firm, Fitzgerald Hartley.


Our bro' St. Paul Peterson is now starting a tour with Kenny Loggins. See him on a promo TV show appearance link here. Just gotta love the bubblehead co-host chick raving about how Kenny's hits are played on the radio "ad nauseum."

WTF? Groan...

Kenny and Paul will also be on the CBS Early Morning Show tomorrow, March 22nd.

Oh, yeah, pic from Monday night I forgot to post:


Good luck in the Sweet Sixteen, boys.