Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday, March 5th, the Healing resumes

Funny, he doesn't look like Pepe, except for the exuberance.

I am so ready for tonight (hangin' late, too, LOL!). On that subject, Jerry has this saying -- "the bullshit stops when the curtain goes up." Basically, "you can run your mouth, but can you stand and deliver when the time comes to throw down?"

Yeah, we know they'll be throwin' it down, big-time as usual.

So, a while back he asked me to help with lyrics for a tune along those lines. I took the idea and ran with it. Took a high road approach. I think it pretty much captures the Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns ethos. I'm leavin' the music piece to Jerry and the guys.
When the curtain goes up

When the curtain goes up
And the house lights dim,
Leave it all on stage,
Let it sink or swim.
Make a stand,
Show your hand,
Give it all that you got.
Throw it down,
Leave ‘em screaming for more.
No more talk,
No more spin,
Give ‘em just your best shot,
Go all in,
Make ‘em stand up and roar.
Anything less just won’t do,
For the ones who are here
Just for you
When the curtain goes up.

When the curtain goes up
And the spot shines bright,
Let the Healing begin,
And go on all night.
Just be true,
Just be you,
Give ‘em all that they crave.
Don’t hold back,
‘Cuz there’s nothing to save.
Give your all,
Standing tall,
Lay it all on the line,
Throw it down,
Like as never before.
Make this night ever precious and new
To the ones always here
Just for you
When the curtain goes up.

Now, the curtain is up,
And we’re on your dime.
May we show ourselves worthy
Of all your time.
You’re the best,
We won’t rest
Till we’ve answered the call,
Without you
We are nothing, we know.
We are blessed
For this test
Of our Spirit tonight.
Heart to heart
We will make this night glow.
This is our promise to you,
That we reach for the stars,
And shine through
When the curtain goes up.

Copyright © 2007 Bobby Gladd and Jerry Lopez
All Rights Reserved.
'Eh? A-A-A format (Mosaic a capella harmony style?), I'm hearin' a whole step modulation at 3rd verse when it comes into first-person. Back about 25 years ago I wrote a tune with some of the same musings, but more of a performer's prayer of "if I should happen to 'make it,' may I not self-destruct, in light of all the venality and temptations out there."
When They Call My Name

Let me be grateful
That I can sing this song for you,
That I can bring your heart
A smile or two
In the evening,
To brighten up your day gone by,
Let me hold on to the meaning,
Help me stand up to the high,
When they call my name.

May I not become hateful
When bright lights sometimes
Wear me down,
And all around I find
These “friends” I never knew of,
Grasping pieces of the pie,
Let me know just where my feet are
When my head is in the sky,
When they call my name.

Let me stay faithful
Of holding strong this love of mine,
And when I get my chance
To shine for you,
Let me always
Give you just my very best,
And never close my eyes
To the ways that I’ve been blessed,
When they call my name.

Words and music Copyright © 1982, 2007
Bobby Gladd, All Rights Reserved

That one (way slow 6/8 R&B-ish Stax/Volt bluesy thing) is so outa my vocal range (starts out way deep baritone, but ends up all Mariah Carey), gonna take an Aretha or somebody to do it.


Tune I'm writin' in honor of my friend Adrian Garcia (Santa Fe is bitch-slapping me into getting up to speed on the music writing stuff). The tune is done, the chart is gettin' there s-l-o-w-l-y.

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