Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Major throw-down, March 26th

OK, short on good pics again tonight because the management refuses to fix the light grid (really frustrating). But, the band was on fire tonight. They set the tone early in the first show with "Rosanna," which was right on the money. Sometimes they get so ramped up they push the envelope to the breaking point on that hugely difficult tune, but tonight it was right in the pocket, completely tight and powerful. Then they followed that with "Come Together," which, again, was just enough slower tonight to have a more fluid yet tight groove. It was awesome. The first set was about the best I've ever heard from Santa Fe.

Michito Sanchez sat in on congas and the rhythm section went totally thermonuclear. Got a standing-O. It was wonderful. The percussion back row was virtually in the dark, no hope of getting any shots back there. Some pics from the evening:

Below: Morris O'Connor (Stevie Wonder player) sat in tonight, and tore it up. Morris is gigging in town with Ronnie Foster. They'll be at the Orleans 5 - 8 pm tomorrow.

I think we may have gotten a usable band shot (click on it to enlarge it).

Props to guitar ace Jennifer Batten for coming in tonight. Couple of final notes: Jerry and Tommy and the guys will be at the E-String on Sunset Tuesday night (27th), starting at 9 pm. Also, our best wishes to Ron Camire on the knee surgery tomorrow. He sat in on flugelhorn at the Sunday jazz jam and was very cool. Hope to see him back on stage soon.

Finally, I turned my camera on Movie Mode and shot part of Nathan's killer tune "Come With Me." It picks up during Rob's rippin' tenor ride and goes to the end. The horn ensemble section following Rob's solo is just beautiful. While the volume level nukes the little built-in condensor mic (and BobbyG's hand-held single-shot Nausea Cam sux), it gets the idea across. I'm up late gettin' this stuff posted tonight, 'cuz the movie dump and 2-stage conversion/upload to YouTube is way tedious. Enjoy.


Pretty decent pic of Tommy Alvarado last night at the E-String. In addition, Michito sat in as Jerry sang "San Diego." Very nice. Also, props to Eddie DiMarino again subbing on bass. The more I hear this cat play, the more I dig him

Pete, the owner, is talkin' about making' this gig every Tuesday, which I hope he does. The only way he'll ever build a steady and increasing crowd for this A-List lineup.


I went to hang with Lenny at the fly fishing store on Washington at Buffalo this afternoon -- my old 'hood, actually (you should this this cat tie flies! Wow -- such a multidimensional Artist!), then bopped over to Mountain View Hospital (Tenaya just south of Cheyenne) to see Ron. He's doing well, after major knee surgery. I hung there and chatted a while with him and his delightful wife Renee. The main number there is (702) 255-5000. Give him a call or go by if you can.

Dude, heal up quickly and completely and get back on the stage.

PS- oh, yeah, Lenny posted a Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns MySpace page, at www.myspace.com/santafeandthefatcityhorns. Hook up as friends if you're on MySpace (I am).


Really nice email from Marshall Vente that Jerry shared (reprinted by permission):
Hello Jerry!

I was just in Las Vegas, was playing a 2-day corporate gig at Mandalay Bay. Someone in our audience mentioned that Santa Fe was at the Palms on Monday (March 26th) so we hurried over for set 2 and most of set 3. You have an incredible band, the best we've heard in many years! That's me shouting "Oh yeah" at the end of your Come with Me video clip from Monday night.

We bought a couple of copies of your CD, can't stop playing it! In fact, I'm going to play a few of your tunes on my weekly radio show, Jazz Tropicale, heard every Sunday at 10 pm CST on 90.9 fm WDCB, streamed via www.wdcb.org. Try to tune in, 8 pm in Las Vegas, you're opening the show this Sunday!

We'll be back. We enjoyed every tune and arrangement, so fresh and exciting. Flawless playing too. Any chance for a recording of Living For the City downstream? This knocked me out!

Good luck, see you next time.

- Marshall


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