Friday, March 16, 2007

Michael Grimm throwin' down

Cheryl and I dropped over to NY/NY last night to hear the Michael Grimm Band at the Big Apple Bar. Cheryl had met Michael and and heard him on the CD I bought, but had yet to hear him live. Blew her mind, this huge voice and Old Soul in this fine young cat. And Sweet Southern' Belle that she is, she really resonates with Mr. Mississippi Michael (I do as well, grits and okra lovin' "damn Yankee" that I am).

Above: That's Dave Hart on guitar. Below: Mike Mechem on tubs and Doug Turley on bass. I tried like hell, but could not get a clean shot of keyboardist Bruce Wallace. I'm gonna have to go back and work harder to get better pics. I am totally spoiled after Monday night at The Pearl.

BTW- Michael does a rendition of "Proud Mary" that is unlike anything you've ever heard. Cat has a mountainous, soulful voice that just takes your breath away. Wonderful to hear. Also cool is to hear Dr. Lenny The Lopez featured as a lead vocalist in Michael's band. I'm not sure everyone truly realizes just how badass a singer Jerry's "much older brother" really is.

OK. my bro' Kurt Kolstad just sent me this YouTube clip link. Yellowjackets, man, OMG! At Montreux Jazz Festival '95. Check out the fact that the drummer is set up right-handed but playing sorta left-handed (that's what I need to do; I can play some tubs, but I'm a lefty, and my right hand is way deficient when it comes to stuff like sustained fast 16th notes on the hi-hat). Also, dig the bassist, playing a 6-string upside-down! Wow.


Major props to our UNLV Runnin' Rebels, who just won their Big Dance opener against Georgia Tech, 67 - 63. I know there was some grousing about the seeding; the Rebs got a tough draw, but on they go. Very cool.