Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday, March 19th, Santa Fe returns to The Lounge

Light grid still not working. In fact the room was dimmer than ever. Lookin' for candlepower? Stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond, pick some up on the way to the gig. Nothin' like last Monday, LOL!

Whatever. Didn't affect the band. They came out smoking! Traditional opening, "Just Kidding," followed by the Earth, Wind, and Fire Medley. Rochon in particular was ramped way up, dancin' all around, and it was infectious. (He took a bass ride tonight that was about the best I've heard him do, in a long line of jaw-droppers. It was a total knockout.) He drove everyone higher all night. The Fat City horn solos were all killer. The rhythm section was so in the pocket. Pepe took a solo that had Ron Crews mumbling.

I didn't get many pics, it was just too dim. But, I sure loved the music along with everyone else.

Band was way tight tonight, crisp as can be. The Fat City Horns were just wonderful. Those arrangements, man!

BTW- Jamie Hosmer will be at Hank's Tuesday night, 6 - 11 pm. Green Valley Ranch. Also, Kelly Clinton will appear at the Casbah Lounge this week at the Sahara (my bro' Ron Crews on tubs) through Sunday, 9 - 12 midnight. If I heard correctly, Tommy Alvarado will be there as well.

ALSO- We will have the blessed good fortune to have the eminent Tom Schuman as our guest artist on April 2nd. He'll be with us the entire evening, subbing for Dave. Who is Tom Schuman?

Member of the fabulous Spyro Gyra, my friends, in addition to the rest of his A-List rap sheet.

Gonna be way cool. Save the date.


May 10th - 16th. MGM Grand, Chicago.

You know what that means! Yep. Two words: Bill Champlin in our house.

Recall the last two times The Great White graced us with his stunning soulful presence: Here and here. Recall my recent coverage of Bill in the studio with The Fat City Horns.

Gonna again be over-the-top fine.