Saturday, June 30, 2007

BobbyG is back again

Many thanks to Dave and Steve for covering the blog while I was in Florida again. Love the video clips in particular. Appreciate you guys, big-time.

It's good to be home. Got in late Thursday with my niece April, who came down from Michigan to help me close up my Mom's apartment. Sadly, my Mom remains hospitalized. We got word Wednesday that she could not yet travel (we'd planned to bring her back with us). So, I will have to make yet one more trip down there to get her.

April can't wait to come hear the band Monday night. Also, we're gonna stop by the Big Apple Lounge at NY/NY this weekend to see the Michael Grimm band (4 - 9 pm shift thru Sunday).

Despite being covered up busy in Florida, I jotted down some copy I thought was to the point about Santa Fe. A cardinal rule I learned early in my ad copywriter study was the "Second Person Singular, Present Tense, Active Voice" axiom. Y'know, the "You are talented, accomplished, successful, stylish, and studly. Men defer to you. Women want you. That's why you drive a Lexus" thingy.

So, let's apply that to something that would work for, say, a 30 second spot voiceover (I stopwatched it):

'eh? That's how they affect me, and a lot of others I have come to know. (BTW- that background pic is from the segue interlude on March 12th when the band opened The Pearl, just after MOSAIC finished, and as Santa Fe was mounting the stage.)

Second Person Singular, Present Tense, Active Voice. Succinctly, comprehensively to the point.

Below: My way cool and beautiful niece April, and, below that, April with the cats we hired off the street to help us load the POD.

We did manage to squeeze in a little ocean R&R after we finished loading the POD and handing in the apartment keys. The view is from the Radisson in Indialantic. Water was 80 degrees. Nice.


Ric Gould asked me to come to the studio tomorrow morning and sub for Jackie as co-host (she's outa town). That's a great honor and will be a lot of fun. Tune in, either on the air or streaming via the web.

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