Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Sit Down and Shut Up"

LOL. "Sit Down and Shut Up" is a Michael Grimm tune, one on his current CD. The band did it tonight for the first time. Michael said "it's about critics. None of them are here anyway." Awesome. Yeah, those who can, do! Those who can't become 'critics.'

Sonny has been using a new board the past two Monday nights, a Yamaha M7CL digital. Sounds really good, particularly on the vocals.

Rochon played a new bass during the first show, a Carvin. Thing gave out the baddest super low tones I've heard, you felt 'em more than heard 'em.

Oh, yeah, Rochon, I ran across an interesting cat online, musician and writer Aaron Trubic. He said to tell you that you were his favorite bass player. Yeah, Aaron, I hear ya.

Below, Tom DeLibero (Doc Severinson orchestra) subbed tonight for Gil. Dueling trumpets again yielded the smell of burning valve oil. I nailed a couple of good shots.

More pics below. I didn't get to shoot too many tonight, as Cheryl was not feeling well and couldn't come mind the store in the back. Our homie and Santa Fe alum Tim Lienhard graciously covered for me during the first set. Thanks, bro'.

We were again blessed by the incredible onstage presence of both Brothers Johnson, Johnnie and Tyriq.

Tyriq paid me the nicest compliment about some of my old tunes I recently posted on MySpace. The highest praise comin' from him. I am so flattered. Also, I gotta laugh; last week Jerry told me I was his "geiger counter," 'cuz I hear every little nuance, and he can trust my take on how things are going.

Yeah, I do, I hear and microscopically study every last note. Can't help it, I love this band. Never gets the least bit old, listening to these cats.

BTW- Props to Kari and Jerry Shurtleff, whom I met tonight. My pal Robert Conti turned me on to them. Really nice people.

Another great night. As I sat there in the back during the second show, listening to Nathan's "Come With Me," it really struck me that that tune in particular totally exemplifies Vegas style music excellence. To me it just echoes the sophisticated legacy of the town, while being also so fresh and new. State of the Art. Same for Dave's "Salvation." That tune is Sting and Steely Dan on steroids (groping for apt analogies here, LOL). The new tunes are all fabulous, signature Santa Fe, and there're more on the way. The new CD is gonna be awesome.

Also BTW- Jerry noted tonight the the band will start the Wednesday night gigs at the Fever showroom in the South Pointe on July 11th. Save the date. Gonna be killer.

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