Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WOW... The Band Was Hot !!!!!!!!!!

The band was extra tight tonight. The sound and lighting was especially good. Rochon had a new Carvin 5 string LB75 brought out for him to try as part of his endorsement deal with Carvin. I thought it sounded great especially when Rochon would slide down the neck getting an acoustic jazz sound. The LB75 has more controls than most basses for many variations of tone. Rochon was adjusting and testing as he gave the Carvin a full workout.

Michael Grimm performed his original “Sit Down and Shut Up” in the first set. It’s a Rhythm & Blues up tempo number written about critics.

Jerry’s Mom and friends were in the audience tonight for both shows.

It was a treat to hear Michael Grimm sing “You don’t know me” with the full band and “Very Fat” Fat City Horn Arrangements.

Joey Finger, top touring and session drummer was in the audience. He introduced me to Howard Arthur, guitarist and long time friend of Ricky Peterson. Ricky is touring with Stevie Nicks and will be in town on Monday July 30th. Hopefully, he will stop by to see his friends Santa Fe and TFCH.

Patti Austin’s Manager, Barry Orms, was in the audience tonight.

Story by Steve Tuminello (MUSIC SEEN)
Photos by Dave Siefkes

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering!!!

I'll be back from Florida Thursday evening. Miss y'all.

- BobbyG