Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mid-week updates


That's what Tyriq and Johnny Johnson call the new band. I stopped in to see 'em at Sonny's last night.

Five piece band of elegant funk and soul. Let's get out and support these cats. Everyone in the band is strong as can be. Delightful. More to come soon on the rap sheets on the other cats in the band. Stay tuned.


[June 8, 2007, Reuters] “…squadrons of helicopters hovered above the tense, heavily guarded compound, while throngs of press and anxious civilians roamed the adjacent streets. Angry legislators, prison officials, spokespeople for assorted tribal advocacy groups hurled vicious invective at each other, while a judge threatened contempt charges. International press coverage was riveted upon the city as passions rose wildly…”

Baghdad this morning?

No, Los Angeles, amid the ongoing Paris Hilton saga.

Below: Michael Grimm last Monday

Courtesy of our great friends Dave Siefkes and Steve Tuminello. Yeah, cool. I was about five feet out of video camera frame to the left, shooting stills while he sang this. Michael, we love ya, bro'.


1 - 4 pm at the new Las Vegas Springs Preserve, our fabulous Steven Lee Group will be throwin' down. Then tonight at MJ's (Jones & Spring Mt. Rd.), Ronnie Foster gets it on starting at 9:30 pm. Guitarist Matt Baldoni will fill in for Drew Zingg for the first part of the night.

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