Sunday, June 10, 2007

Elegance = SLG

Were I restricted to just one word with which to characterize the Steven Lee Group, and everyone in it, "elegance" would be the undisputed choice. Cheryl and I went to see them today at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. They've not really gigged together since getting cut at Red Rock Station last fall so the Suits could opt for Monday Night Football in the lounge. Today, they just picked right up where they left off. Steven introduced his band thusly: "Ladies and gentlemen! Direct from a series of one-night cancellations, Steven Lee Group!"

It was hot today, not conducive to an afternoon outdoor, no-shade-to-be-found crowd. Still, they sounded great. This is definitely an A-List group. I have their CD, and I just love it. I would really like to see these folks find another ongoing venue. I'd hang all the time. Everyone in this band is awesome, Steven (guitars), Joe (percussion), Brenda (keys), Adam (tubs), Keith (bass), and Rocco (reeds).

Buy their CD, you'll be glad you did (check out the samples on their site).

Ok kids,

Time for more healing!!! Tomorrow night at 10:15 at the Palms!


A note: our dear friend and comrade Ronnie Gutierrez has DONATED a brand new set of Gon Bop congas and bongos, and a set of DW Pacifica drums to Gabriel Falcon, as a gesture of love for all of us.

I am choked up!

We will be having Ronnie and his father come out to be featured on one of guest artist nights with Santa Fe. They are some SERIOUS salsa cats!!

We love you Ronnie!.

See you all there tomorrow night!

-Jerry Lopez

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