Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 6th gig at The Palms

Very interesting night. Jerry is now in the Wayne Brady show over at The Venetian, and they perform on Mondays, which puts him late to the Santa Fe gig. No problem-o. Jamie takes over to start things off, they put Johnny Johnson on guitar, and they just rip right into it. Rochon tore the place up with a bass ride in "Higher Ground." Four tunes into the first set, Jerry comes on stage, and it's back to bidness as usual.

What a band!

Tom Delibero was again back subbing for Gil. Cat is awerome. Lenny was still in town (heading back to the mountains after the gig). Dueling trumpets were burnin' up the valve oil. BTW- Rob is back from Japan, flew in this afternoon. The Fat City were on fire tonight! And, we were graced by yet another musical eminence who came to hang and then sat in, keyboardist Larry Williams (Al Jarreau, Seawind). Props also to Michito for again sittin' in. Go check out his Salsero gig at South Point.

We even had decent lighting tonight. I took advantage of it.

Above: fellow musician and pal of my Cuz Jojo over in Pacific Grove in The Peoples' Republic, Jimmy Dale, came to hang tonight. I think he dug it. Great to meet you, bro'. Below: Larry Williams throwin' down with the boys. Wow!

Last thought for now: Our homie Ron Crews has had a setback from his assault injury, and is back in the hospital, over at UMC. Room 405. The main number is 383-2000. Cheryl and I went to hang with him yesterday, as soon as we heard the news. I'm sure he'd appreciate some calls of support.

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