Sunday, August 19, 2007

No gig tomorrow night

The Lounge in The Palms will be dark tomorrow night. They're resurfacing the floors.

PS- the new CD is almost ready for duping. Jerry suffered a motherboard crash which set him back several days on the mix, but he's back on it, and I'm almost done with the cover art pieces. Patience, y'all, it's gotta be as good as we can make it.

And, again, thanks to all of you that pre-ordered. In the wake of the recent equipment theft, the pre-orders have really helped us keep things moving.


Blaise invited us to come see The Family Stone Experience at the Cannery last night. It was great fun. (A-List homeboy Nate Wingfield on guitar) Thanks, my Brother. A much-needed respite from the week (my Mom is yet again back in the hospital). While we were there we bumped into Andy Ebon & Raoul, and Bad Boy bassist / producer David Inamine. I first met David one night when he was subbing with Ronnie Foster at the Artisan. Great player, and a really nice cat.

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