Sunday, August 26, 2007

In my spare time...

Putzing around in iMovie on my iMac between hospital visits this weekend. I did the voiceover in GarageBand the other morning (LOL! in my bathrobe and PJs, while slurping my second cup of coffee), amid my crazy dogs barking, the AC unit going on, cars driving up & down my street, and planes flying nearby. Had to use the noise gate function (which works fine, but the noise then get stuffed inside -- albeit masked -- within the V/O, marginally changing the vocal timbre).

Thanks to Ric Gould for introducing the band on live CD recording night (the "Intermission" horn thing is from the new CD), and for his and Jackie's gracious ongoing support. BTW- the uncompressed QuickTime version of this clip is available here at (looks a little clearer).

See everyone tomorrow night at The Palms. I am so ready.

ps- the new CD mix is just about complete, and I met with the duping vendor this week. We'll have them available soon. I'm 99% finished with the cover art, just need the exact song length times from Jerry.

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