Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday August 13th gig at The Palms

Serious Bad Boy Abe LaMarca filled in for Jamie tonight. Man, this cat can sing! Really nice dude, too. His beautiful guitarist/vocalist wife Christine came to hang also. Sweet couple, they are.

Band was all over it again tonight. Great crowd, too, way into it. Below: I had pretty good luck shootin' the ever-awesome Dr. Lenny tonight.

Thanks to Wayne Brady and his peeps for comin' to hang. Jerry's gigging at the Venetian with Wayne now.

Cheryl's nephew Chasley is back in town (below with my niece April, and below that with April and Aunt Cheryl). Really great to see him (he stayed with us for a while and went to school out here before heading back to Alabama).

Below, I nailed some shots of Rochon pretty well tonight.

BTW- it's 4 a.m., and I'm mowin' a big bowl of Cheerios while blogging. Got a late start. Had an email from Bill Champlin when I got home I had to respond to (about stuff for the upcoming Sons of Champlin Vegas dates). I could not be more flattered that he's usin' my pics from the Santa Fe appearances on his website and his MySpace page. I am gonna absolutely gonna wear out the camera lense next month when he's here.

OK, photo essay time. A random assortment of the keepers from the gig:

Gil threw down so hard tonight during his ride in "San Diego" he gave himself a nosebleed.

Below: Brother Tyriq got called into action to preside over Andy Ebon's return to The Seat of Funk.

Andy wasn't the only one dancin'. Phil was summoned forth to throw down. Below, Jerry's long-time friends from Texas, Tony "Ham" Guerrero from Tortilla Factory, and his people, came to hang.

OK, 5 a.m., gotta crash for a couple of hours and then get April to the airport by 8. She's goin' home for a couple of weeks.


CD draft cover artwork in progress (click to enlarge):

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