Monday, August 13, 2007

Stolen axe alert and other stuff

Woke up to an email from my friend Joe Bergeron:
Hey Everyone –

A friend of mine got his axe stolen. Below is a copy of his email to me and attached is a picture. Please be aware, and if it’s seen please contact:

Carlos Guerrero at

Thanks and God bless.

Joe B.

Hi everyone. Last night near the Double Down, my car got smashed into and my guitar and amp was stolen. The guitar was a Gretsch 1620 RHH reverend Horton Heat model. I have NEVER seen anyone besides myself play this guitar in Las Vegas. So If you see anyone playing the guitar below, let me know, and maybe let the police know as well.

Sux, big-time. Vigilance, brother & sisters. What a beautiful axe. Hope it can be recovered.


Our bro' Ron Crews remains hospitalized at UMC for ongoing treatment of his severely broken ankle, the result of being assaulted by some cretin at the Santa Fe Palms gig a while back. I'm sure he'd appreciate a call and/or a visit. UMC main number is 383-2000, Ron is in 405-2.


Jerry Lopez is producing a very special event next month:
A historical cultural event presented in the most beautiful venue in the southwest. More than twenty of the country's premier flamenco artists, converge on Lake Las Vegas' Stars on the Lake stage, to perform for two nights, September 14th and 15th. From traditional Flamenco "puro" to contemporary flamenco fusion, will be presented by America's most prestigious flamenco celebrities. Tickets are available at the gate and online at

(Click the poster image above to enlarge)


Found this pic (below) in stuff down in Florida while packing up Mother's apartment. BobbyG, age 4 months, June 1946.

[Insert caption here]

The other day while tending to my Mom at her new assisted living apartment, I was struck by the thought 'yeah, 61 years ago, it was ME with no teeth, bein' spoon-fed applesauce...'

Doin' a 180 now.

I got 'em both here. No more trips to Florida. Dad (below) is the ghostly wheelchair wanderer every day at the nursing home.

When we unloaded the POD last week, I remembered that I'd put my Dad's old artificial leg in it. So, I couldn't resist this goof (below) as I got rid of it:

Halfway amazed that Metro didn't show up at my front door, guns drawn.


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