Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 18th gig at The Palms

Herman Matthews and friends in the house! Oh, yeah!

This is gonna take a while, getting another late start (2:30 a.m. right now). Crushingly fine evening, just dumped more than 140 pics outa my camera, and have a lot to report on. Gonna post incrementally.


Another serious Bad Boy. The talent in this town, man...ya just gotta love it.

Below, trumpeter Bill Churchville from the Herman Matthews posse majorly lit things up.

Check out Bill's studio demo montage. Wow.

Below, Brian Monroney from the Herman Matthews cats also sat in and tore ass. His rides on "Negrita" and Champlin's "Turn Your Love Around" smoked the place.


This cat comes to us from my beloved Pacific NW. Just moved here. Welcome, bro'. Dean has played and recorded with some of my great old friends up there. The inside cover art alone on his CD is worth the purchase price, LOL!

His MySpace page is here. You can pick up his CD from CD Baby here. I've got it playing right now as I'm blogging. Very nice stuff. From the CD Baby notes:
The debut CD by Pacific Northwest singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist Dean Reichert is a strong fusion of R&B, Blues, Rock, Funk, and Soul. When asked the question "who does this guy sound like?" You can come up with a lot of "I hear a little's". I hear a little Delbert, I hear a little early Steely Dan, and I hear a little Tower of Power. But what I really hear is an artist who has taken the last 20 years of his musical influences, and fused them into a style that is original, and fresh...
We wish Dean the very best here. He was knocked out tonight by Santa Fe. I know the feeling, dude. It never gets old, either.


A random photo essay.

Below, Chiqui sittin' in along with Michito. The percussion jam on the finale -- "We Are Nothing" -- was off the hook.

Below: Dr. Lenny singing with Jerry Jones of the fabulous "Fifth Avenue."

Below, newlywed Sean from MOSAIC came to hang with his dad, and Jerry put them both to work on "Come Together."

Above, this was Andy's idea.

Herman Matthews and friends, and all you other fine players, thanks for comin'! That was all just so fine. Thanks to all of our fans for coming to hang.

LOL, the view from the tenor sax chair...

So, I'm crawlin' all around taking pics, and Rob Mader whips out his iPhone in the middle of the set.

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Robert Karasek said...

great read !
thanx for sharing & the pics !

hermann kicks some serious ass ! :)