Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Stone and Cordle-Scott Band, Aug 23rd

A busy day. Yikes. I did the Obama pre-convention "Unity Rally" down at the College of Southern Nevada in Henderson. It was pretty much a bust. Bad location, but I guess it was all they could get. The program went way long, so, like I figured would be the case, I schlepped all my gear just to get to do three songs ("Conviction of the Heart," "Dixie Chicken," and "Run for the Roses") about an hour and a half after they'd scheduled me, for the remaining couple of dozen glazed peeps who'd hung.

Whatever. They had one speaker who had Game, this lawyer cat Greg Gilbert from Holland & Hart LLC. I'd really hoped to hook up with him and give him my card, and get him to check out stuff on my "other blog," but he'd booked by the time I got back out to the lobby. He gave a good talk about green energy technology. Would love to engage him further on the issue. Serious, important stuff.

At least I got to meet Phil Flowers. Very nice dude. Great voice, too. He closed out the afternoon singing some tunes to a track. He invited me to join him for another Obama event he's scheduled. Below, a tune he wrote for the campaign, "Time For a Change."

OK, running majorly late now, 'cuz we'd planned to go cover the Family Stone gig at the Clark County Center. Then -- because No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished -- as I go to load up my stuff, my SUV battery is dead as hell. [bleep] This cat Bob who was also at the event tried to jump me off, but he only had these itty bitty cables, and we could not get enough amps across to turn it over. He graciously ran me off to find a battery.

Two auto departments and $91.58 later I finally got home, dumped my gear, mowed a couple of slices of pizza, changed my shirt, and off we go...


Great fun, good turnout. A few pics for ya:

Brother Blaise in the house!! (Blaise is the M.D. for the Family Stone Project, btw)

Above, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Jerry Martini (left) and Cynthia Robinson (right) after the show. Very nice people.


We whip on over to "Black Label" (Decatur just south of Spring Mountain Rd) to catch Brad and Tim and the cats. They sounded great. New homie in town Dean Reichert is now on guitar. This cat is one serious mofo, plays and sings his face off.

This is one fine lineup. Keep up with their gig schedule and go check 'em out.

UPDATE: See the comment someone just added. Apparently the Black Label Bar stiffed the band after the gig last night. Still trying to confirm that. UPDATE2: Yep. They refused to pay the band, because they "didn't bring in enough of a crowd." Warning to other performers; steer clear of this place. Also, music fans, don't patronize this joint.

Don't forget, tomorrow night we welcome new audience guests the Corvini family from Boston. Their daughter Amanda is in the Tower of Power ensemble at Berklee and is gonna sit in with Santa Fe. That is gonna be great fun. Come help us welcome these new fans.

Oh, yeah, btw, our bro' The CEO of Soul Andy Ebon gives good Blog as well. Check out his post on last Monday's Santa Fe gig.


Guest guitarist Howard Arthur will throw down with the guys 'til Jerry gets over from Wayne Brady.

Join us. Free show as always. 10:30 pm in The Lounge at The Palms.

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lvmark said...

Beware all musicians! After a fine performance by the cordle-scott band, the new fledgling BLACK LABEL BAR decided that not enough people came to the show and refused to pay the band! SPREAD THE WORD- DON'T FREQUENT THIS BULLSHIT VENUE!