Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid-week updates

Jessica Marciel advises me that she is gigging this Sunday at 6 pm with her Metropolitan Club Orchestra in the Manhattan Ballroom at Bugsy's, 6145 W. Sahara. No cover, and drink sales go to benefit Child Haven (NOTE: homeboy guitarist Matt Baldoni and fine drummer Tony DeAugustine will be in the lineup).



Gotta love the array of red/blue/amber 150w outdoor patio floods. Black walls and ceiling, black curtains -- and the dudes are all wearing black (except for Tommy). Photographer's heaven. (Not!)

Had to mostly bail to flash.

I got there just before they started, and stayed for the whole gig. It's a nice book, the charts are very cool, very melodic and non-formulaic. Ronnie Rose (below) sings great.

Tommy Alvarado, plays and sings so fine. And a total, gracious gentleman.

Below, Nate Kimball on 'bone.

I've posted about Nate before. He was our son Nick's best friend growing up, and like a second son to us. Nate even subbed with Santa Fe one night a while back, and blew it out. Very impressive young man. He'll be releasing his own CD soon.

MySpace Update

This just went out on my MySpace Bulletins:
Black Label Bar in Las Vegas

Last Saturday, my friends in fine The Cordle-Scott Band performed at a place at Decatur & Spring Mt. known as "The Black Label Bar" here in Vegas (see my August 24th Santa Fe blog post)

The owner of the place then refused to pay the band, citing a low turnout. That is unacceptable. If you wanna do a door deal or cash drawer percentage arrangement with a band, do the deal explicitly upfront.

Then this joint cluelessly solicited me to be a "MySpace Friend," LOL.


Maybe I'll start a Santa Fe blog column with links regarding "places to avoid," and these cats can be charter members.

Or, they can get right, and pay the band what they'd agreed to.

Brad and Tim's pages are here, btw:

Send these Black Label peeps an email letting them know what you think about them ripping off musicians. And spread the word about a place to avoid.


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