Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This weekend


Tonight, national recording artist and multiple Grammy nominee Ron Satterfield (formerly of Fatburger and Checkfield), with special guest Taylor Michaels, 6 - 9:30 p.m. at Bistro Divino, located in the Holsum Arts Bldg., Charleston & I-15, 241 W. Charleston, Ste 101. Below, right, Taylor hangin' at the Santa Fe gig at The Palms with my niece April last year.


Reminder: Our brother Blaise will be featured with The Family Stone Experience this Saturday evening at the Clark County Government Center outdoor amphitheater. Free show, come on out.

I will be there to cover it for the blog. This is a great venue -- recall my post of the Spyro Gyra concert earlier this year.

It'll be a busy day for me. I'm doin' the Barack HUSSEIN Obama pre-convention rally at the CSN campus in Henderson from 1 - 4 pm. Probably gonna be a lot of schleppin' gear for maybe 20 - 30 minutes of performing. Headliner is Phil Flowers.

An email from Tim Scott
Hey everyone,

This Saturday night, August 23rd, Brad Cordle & I will be at a new venue (for us anyway) called Black Label (formerly The Emergency Room) at Decatur & Spring Mountain. The address is 3555 S. Decatur, just south of Spring Mountain and the phone number is (702) 823-2222. I'm told that they serve great food there. We'll be playing from 9PM to 1AM.

The Cordle-Scott Band will include:

Brad Cordle - vocals
Tim Scott - bass & vocals
Ric Ulsky - Hammond B3 & piano
Dean Reichert - guitar
Robert Shipley - drums

We're hoping for a good turnout--this may a room we'll end up playing in regularly. Hope you can make it.


Tim Scott

JoeyT just sent me this mp3 clip of Kurt doin' his thang a while back in his home studio (all parts). Tune called "Me and my house." Enjoy.

BTW, I recently featured two tunes with Kurt on my Podcast "Friends of Santa Fe. Volume 3." Cat is smokin'!


From a article:
..."Trouble the Water" only exists because Kimberly Rivers Roberts, a charismatic, trash-talking "street hustler" (her words) and aspiring rapper from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, turned on her new Sony camcorder -- she'd bought it on the street for $20, provenance unknown -- on Aug. 29, 2005, and began to shoot what was happening in her neighborhood. What was happening, in case you've forgotten, was that a big hurricane passed over New Orleans, the city's levees were breached in many places, and the water on Roberts' street rose past the stop signs and nearly to the housetops.

If possible, Roberts' movie-within-a-movie is even more amazing than it sounds. She captures a tale of courage, heroism and tragedy more thrilling than any Hollywood spectacle; one neighbor, a man Roberts and her husband, Scott, hadn't even liked before the hurricane, risks his life to save them, swimming back and forth across the street using a punching bag as a flotation device. Roberts barely knew how to turn the camera on when the storm started, and her footage is highly uneven. But you can feel her taking ownership of the situation as the catastrophe worsens, doing her own TV-news-style voice- over and alternating between establishing shots and close-ups...

On this topic, see also "The Man Who Knew" (PBS Nova), and the companion "Storm That Drowned a City."

Additionally, see Spike Lee's "When The Levees Broke"

Link here for a compilation of clips that have been YouTube'd.


'Nuther local Bad Boy ( Drummer for the Cirque "Zumanity" show. We chatted a while last Saturday at the Herman Matthews hang at The Bootlegger. Really nice cat. We'd met once before at the Santa Fe gig, but just ever so briefly.


Q: What are a redneck's typical last words?

A: "Hey, y'all, watch this!"

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