Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cordle-Scott band at HoB

Killer blues stuff. Yeah, that's John Wedemeyer on guitar. They're back again tomorrow night, 11 pm - 1 am. Great playing and singing. Brad and Tim both sing their asses off. Nice stage and good sound, but weak lighting.

Also tomorrow night, don't forget, major Bad Boy drummer Herman Matthews and his posse will be doing a late gig at The Bootlegger. Click here and scroll down in my August 1st post for details. I will be there, don't wanna miss that.

Also gotta give an advance shout regarding Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas, August 15th, 9 pm at the VOX Wine Lounge.


I pulled this up into Photoshop and overlaid the band name. John Wedemeyer was standing behind Tim with his back turned, so I scrubbed him outa the shot, LOL!

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