Saturday, August 09, 2008


I've done better voiceovers, but I guess I was impatient and just flew through it this time after my file save glitch yesterday in which I somehow blew up my original V/O. (And, LOL, after uploading it I found the V/O equivalent of a "typo," a single word that no one will likely pick up on. But, Mr. Anal here will probably go back in tomorrow and fix it and re-burn / re-post it.)

It ain't about me anyway, it's about all the fine music within our extended family. "Fat City Podcasts: Less talk, more tunes." The artist roster:
Twelve cuts, total run length 1:03:40. Enjoy.

Headin' out shortly to the Bootlegger for the Herman Matthews et al hang. Will try to get some shots.

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