Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Club of Las Vegas in the news

Hi, comrades, from beautiful Walnut Creek in Guvahnator Ahhnold's BK'd Penniless Peoples' Republic.

So, I was at McCarran awaiting my flight yesterday morning, and picked up an R-J, and there, amid all the mounting financial disaster news, in the Las Vegas Sun section was a great in-depth article by Jerry Fink about our Hot Club of Las Vegas! Thank you, Jerry Fink. You're the best, man.

They're gigging tonight at Boomers. Please go by and hang (I would certainly be there were I in town). Recall my last post on them, the night of their CD release party. If you've yet to hear their CD, get a copy ASAP from CD Baby or pick one up at our gig at The Palms (some samples here on their MySpace page).

Go, Hot Club! I hope one day to able to say "I knew them when..."

I am one happy camper today.
Had a great trip over. Flew Virgin America for the first time, into SFO (we usually fly in and out of Oakland). It's a no-brainer better. First of all, the ticket was less, the planes are wonderful (comfy seats, TV/movie screens in the back of every one), and you just pick up your luggage, hop the free airport AirTrain which takes you directly around to the BART platform right there at SFO. Hop the yellow line ($6.90 fare), read and chat a while, and 65 minutes later you're in Walnut Creek, utterly free of any traffic stress.

Below, The esteemed Corporate Director of Quality in her office.

Later, dear friends. Go see Mundo and the peeps tonight for me.

- BobbyG

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