Saturday, March 07, 2009

Robert Conti clinic at Sam Ash in Vegas

My friend Robert Conti has chops inside of chops inside of chops. He put on a dazzling and graciously personable clinic today.

LOL, I say "graciously personable" because for the first half of his presentation the house system kept irritatingly cutting in and out. They couldn't fix it for it for longest time. Now, wait a minute -- this is a huge music store with tons of state of the art sound reinforcement equipment inside the walls, and a permanent clinic/performance area located in the midst of the main area. That stuff should simply not happen.

Robert was ever-so-imperceptibly hacked off, but he just pushed through the Mickey Mouse and put on a totally engaging event.

Cat is one amazing musician.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning our store. We apologize for the problems with the PA system. It was a real treat working with a professional like Mr.Conti. Not one complaint, and graciously thanking us for supporting the musicians of Las Vegas.

Sam Ash Music is dedicated to helping the music community. We have between 10-15 free clinics
Each month, usually problem free, We appreciate you giving us a chance to improve on our efforts.


Thomas Kachnik
GM Sam Ash Music
LasVegas, NV
702-734-0007 w
404-641-6860 c