Monday, March 02, 2009

The M Resort opening

I dropped over to The M Resort to see the opening night fireworks and check the place out. Got stuck in a huge gridlock traffic jam, with people pulling over and just parking randomly aside the streets and in vacant lots wherever they could find space. Shot a couple of fireworks pics from my car, sitting on S. LV Blvd in traffic.

Place was jammed. Looked like a Saturday night holiday weekend. Very nicely done. Ran across one lounge with a live cover dance band, "The Zippers."

They were fine. Even used trombone and tenor episodically. A bit of a Zowie Bowie'ish glam look (check their promo video on their website).

So, how do we open our new property that proudly touts "built for locals by locals"? Uh, bring in a band from L.A., of course. LOL!

Yo, speaking of Zowie Bowie, recall that they move to The Palms starting this weekend. I will be there to check out and report on their debut. I'm sure it'll be great. Be interesting to see the extent of the room renovation.


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