Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 9th gig at The Palms

Yet one more slammin' hang at The Palms. Interesting new stage construction (built for the new Zowie Bowie weekend gig), with the Fat City Horns up fairly high in the rear (on a bit of a shaky riser). Below, the pre-show view from atop the horn riser.

Scotty Alexander opened for Jerry and tore it down. He took a blazing ride on "Rosanna" and then did a stunner lead vocal version of "You Don't Know Me." Cat is a serious, serious Bad Boy. And a super nice person. Thank you, bro', for sharing your talent with us.

Our scheduled special super double-secret guest artist ended up not being able to make it, but the incredible Brandon Fields showed up to scorch a mic with his alto on "Living for the City."


Great crowd tonight, we were packed SRO. Thanks to all of you for coming out.

The guys did all of the new originals again tonight: "Pack It Up," "Indian Summer Day," "Love Jungle," and "Into The Light," as well as the totally mind-crushing original "Si Te Vas."

The new CD is gonna be killer!

Other notables in the house tonight included Strokeland Records artist Fred Ross and veteran pop singer/actress Tiffany (below, 2nd from left).


Below, random scenes from a Hang...

I'm headin' for Walnut Creek in a few hours to hang with my sweetie for the week. I'll be back in town next Monday, and will be at The Palms. See y'all then. Thanks to my son Nick for house/cat/dogs sitting this week. While I'm gone I'm gonna try to finish my current post on my "other blog" while Cheryl's at the office. It's a long one, deadly serious stuff (and, I've started yet another blog platform).

All I ever wanted to do was play guitar for a living. Go figure.

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