Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 4th 2009 update

Interesting weekend coming up. First, tomorrow night, Thursday, March 5th, at 9 pm, the Lon Bronson band will appear at Sunset Station in Henderson. Joining the band will be several members of Tower of Power. I will certainly be there to take a few pictures and check it out. Also, starting this Friday night in the lounge at the Palms, Zowie Bowie takes the stage, having moved from Red Rock Casino. It will be interesting to see just what have been the extent of the renovations to the lounge. I will also drop by to check out the new gig.

Then, on Saturday afternoon at 3 pm, our dear friend, the incredible jazz guitarist Robert Conti will give a clinic at Sam Ash Music on Maryland Parkway. I will also be by to witness that and cover it for the blog.

I will no doubt see some of you at the Lon Bronson hang tomorrow night, and hope to see some of you both at the Zoe Bowie Palms gig and the Robert Conti clinic. And, remember, the band will be back on stage Monday night at The Palms.

BTW- Be sure to regularly click the entries in the "Around Town" right-hand links column for ongoing updates regarding who's playing where.

Also, on Monday night, we will have a couple of special guests. Scotty Alexander (who sat in during the last gig and tore it up) will open the show for Jerry on guitar, and then we have a special guest artist, for whom the band has worked up a couple of custom arrangements. I am not at liberty to say who this is, because I alluded to this artist earlier, and someone from the artist's agency got wind of it, and there was a minor dustup over breaching of an "exclusivity" contract at the artist's main gig. Stupid. This person has sat in with the band before, and his sitting in with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns has nothing whatsoever to do with "putting on a show elsewhere." Nonetheless, you'll just have to be there.

Okay, LOL, I just read this entire blog post in using the voice dictation software known as MacSpeech (it's the Mac platform version of "Dragon"). Our bro' Andy Ebon uses it, and recommended it to me. Despite the fact that I am a rapid typist, I have far too much material that I use in citations for my other blogs and for a book that I'm writing to get bogged down in manual transcription. This is one amazing application. I just read all of this in via the headset mic, and there were only a couple of mistakes (for example, the software cannot recognize certain names, specialized "terms of art," or some slang). This is a tremendous productivity tool, and I am extremely pleased with it already.

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