Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day from Palace Station

The midnight gig was a great hang. Best crowd yet. I will report on it ASAP. Cheryl's been home for one day and has to leave for San Antonio in a couple of hours. Stay tuned...

Somethin'/someone caught their eyes, out beyond the bar...LOL.


The set list this night included
  • Horn Thang intro, into
  • Just Kidding
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley
  • What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing?
  • Salvation
  • When The Curtain Goes up
  • Into The Light
  • Si Te Vas
  • Ev'rybody Wants to Love You
  • Ain't That Peculiar?
  • Soul Trilogy
  • Living For The City
Great energy from the stage. There was some episodic horn mix unevenness and vocal harmony stresses (amazing that they can set all that stuff up and get a decent mix all in one hour), but it was overall a fine performance enthusiastically received.

More shots...

Thanks to Glenn Colby for subbing on trumpet for Gil, and Miguel Rodriguez for subbing for Rob Mader on tenor. Ably done, gentlemen, as always. Thanks to all the fans for coming out.

See y'all tomorrow night at The Palms.


I just "finished" my health care policy reform blog post over on my other blog. Had to stop. It was approaching Guiness Book for blog post length (dumped it to a PDF file, and it runs 58 pages). LOL! BobbyG, putting the "anal" in "analyst" since 1986.

Oh, and Cheryl, xoxoxo (she's in San Antonio, TX now for the week).


A week ago Saturday, one of my daughter Danielle's former Knoxville TN high school basketball teammates came to see the band at Palace Station. Her name is Candace Bellamy (that's Candace on the right).

A delightful young woman. She's now a physician in Austin, Texas. Also, check out this pic below:

She also goes by the stage name "C Bella." Click here for her website:

How cool is that? I had no idea.

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