Sunday, June 07, 2009

June 6th Saturday midnight gig at Palace Station

The crowd was better last night. More people showed up, and they were way into it. Band was smokin'. It was a good hang. Thanks to Donny Osmond's son Jeremy and his peeps (below) for comin'. Very nice to meet you.

Props to our homie Tom Delibero for again subbing on trumpet for Danny Falcone. It's seamless.

I had kind of a mediocre night behind the lens. Whatever, sometimes you're the statue, I guess. Some random shots...

The tune that slammed the best for me was Nathan's "Come With Me." The hump was just right, and the Fat City Horns were screamin'. Also notable was Abe LaMarca's first shot at lead vocal on Dave's "Salvation" (Jamie normally sings it). Difficult tune. "Munequita" (from the band's first CD) was also very nicely done.

Thanks also to a couple of Jerry's life-long friends from New Mexico for comin' to hang.

See y'all tomorrow night at The Palms. 10:30. No cover no minimum.

I got a late start blogging today. Got up feeling lousy, and I also gotta go back and finish weeding through and posting more shots from Michito's Salsero gig on Friday (see prior post). Stay tuned.


Above, just before they booted me off the catwalk and upper area. Somebody ratted me to Security, even though Michito told me he'd cleared it. "Our insurance won't cover you being up here." Whatever. I'd gotten killer shots of Bill Champlin and The Sons from up there back in Sept 2007. How 'bout I sign a waiver, to keep the Suits happy?

Below, basically same shot as one posted above, but the light had changed. Nice.

They do a great job. Fine show, and they draw a big house, notwithstanding the $10 cover. BTW, Michito will be featured on the upcoming "Friends of Santa Fe, Volume 6" podcast, on which I'm now working. I think y'all will dig it.

OK, I'm back off to my Health Care Reform blog post (I'm maybe 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through that long-assed one). Important stuff, but I fear the pols are about to stick it to us yet again, caving to the big money interests. There's now a front-burner rush to get something passed, but coherence and justice are probably gonna suffer for it.


My sweetie returns to Walnut Creek today (she's been down in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida). Not sure when I'll get to see her again. :(

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