Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I guess some people might think I'm some kind of naive chump. I take all these shots all the time (nearing 15,000 thus far), shepherd this blog -- now closing in on 600 posts extending nearly 3 and a half years -- produce the podcasts, posters and other artwork, etc. I don't ask for a dime, and that extends to the extended Santa Fe tribe. Seems like half the cats in town now have my shots on their MySpace and Facebook pages and websites.

Well, here's the deal: [1] since hanging up my axe in 1986, I've done quite well professionally, and, prior to getting laid off, in recent years I've paid more in taxes than a lot of players make, so I am utterly sensitive to the artistic struggle
(having been there) and feel compelled to support the peeps I respect and dig. [2] If anybody in our Vegas musical family breaks through and finds some significant commercial success, maybe they'll call me first for some paying photo work (if not, it was still worth every minute spent, and it has never been my primary motive anyway). [3] I've gotten to see Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns for free now for -- what? -- perhaps some 200 performances. Were that even an average of $50 a ticket, I'da been out ten grand.

Finally, [4]:

Then there are days like today (Wed, 6/10). Getting to witness consummate pros in the studio, working on what is gonna be a stunning CD that significantly raises the bar. ("Working"? No, there's a reason they call it "playing music," not "working music." Some cats forget that. Not these dudes.)

This week are rhythm section sessions: Jerry, Rochon, Pepe, Gabriel, Dave, and Jamie. Ya just had to be there. Lucky me; I was. There are no words, really. You sit in the control room listening via the monitors -- like, shit! -- just burn me a copy of that. I could die a happy man.


My friend Diane Kallay is gigging at King Tut's tomorrow night.

We met while both doing a benefit gig for the Homeless Veterans' organization here ( Great person.

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Bette B. said...

Bobby, I hear you on that comment, "Just burn me a copy of that!" I was in the studio when they put finishing touches on their Christmas album after 9/11 and I literally cried. So many years ago and these guys can STILL bring me to tears or make my heart soar!