Sunday, June 28, 2009

Midnight Palace Station post-gig report June 28th

Band was really thumpin' tonight. Rochon was off the hook. Lenny's "Brother to Brother" was simply explosive, and Abe and Tony shared the lead in killer fashion on the equally thundering Tower of Power "Get Your Feet Back on the Ground." Great show once again. Thank you all for comin' to hang.

So, Jerry starts into the opening guitar groove of the ever-so-nasty "Wishing Well" and I slink down to the front of the stage, 'cause this tune usually accords me some good shot opportunities of The Lopez.

So- I'm mindin' my own bleepin' business takin' shots. He takes his axe off, points down to me, and says, "Bobby, c'mon up and play, man..."

What's the succinct immediate reactive word? Starts with "s-h". No, not that.

Shock. LOL. The very last thing on my mind (he tells me later, over pasta and gab at the Bootlegger, "yeah, that's why I did it")

What you gonna do, say "no"?

At one point, during this little unsolicited and wholly unexpected episode of yo'-ancient-Irish-ass-now-be-on-the-spot terrified euphoria, I turn and see him and Mader (IIRC) tryin' to figure out how to use my camera. At least they got my good side.

OK, for a musician, that's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Like bein' strapped into an F-18 for a pitching deck carrier launch, this band. After Jerry Merra's bari ride, I told the crowd "OK, I'm gonna play both of my licks and then get the hell outa here."

They made me sing, too.

Dudes...what an honor.


Back to my shooting.

Below, happy birthday, Gabriel!

Thanks to Tom Delibero and Glenn Colby for again seamlessly subbing in the Fat City Horns. You cats are all so amazing.

Hope to see everyone Monday night at The Palms.


Check this out. Billy Mays just died (50 yrs old). Cable channels everywhere are now 50dB quieter.

I blame Michael Jackson's father.


Seriously, wow, what is up with all these peeps checkin' out early lately? At my age (63), that gets spooky.

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