Sunday, June 14, 2009

Midnight slam at Bonkers

Wow. Nice crowd, and the band was all over it. A great show, replete with a lot of laughs (Jerry, uh, calling Tyriq "Tyrone" at one point during a neural spasm). I only have time to upload a few shots right now, getting a late start today, and I gotta run across town to get a haircut, then do the CostCo thing, go see my Ma at the nursing home, and then watch the Lakers put Orlando out of their misery...

Below, vocalist Chris Logan sitting in on "Wishing Well." Fine singer, very nice cat. Welcome to the hang, bro'.

More shots, randomly...

I have more shots still in iPhoto, and more thoughts on the gig. Stay tuned. Great hang. Thanks to all of you for coming. Also, remember, The Healing resumes tomorrow night at The Palms, 10:30 pm, free show as always.


Check this out. Very cool site. "Uncle Buster's House of Grooves." I spent some time checkin' out the numerous audio samples. Some certifiably Nasty stuff there.

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