Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Danielle! Of course, we celebrate at The Palms

The view from a suite on the 53rd floor of Palms Place, where my daughter Danielle got a spread to serve as HQ from which to celebrate her 39th birthday.

Below, OK, too many people to name at the moment. Yeah, that's Jeff Ray on the far right.

Patience, peeps, I got about 133 shots to look through...

Yet one more slammin' show. Yikes. Facilitated, to be sure by a slammin' crowd. Thank you all for coming to hang.

Danielle and her birthday party crew (including my son Nick and his totally sweet squeeze Sharla, and my awesome sister-in-law Michelle and Rodney) got everything they could have asked for -- including the band playing "Sweet Home Alabama" for her, as she'd asked me to hustle for her. I'd told her "look, I'll ask, OK, but these cats are all majorly busy and got a lot of other stuff to tend to."

I have to confess, I don't particularly get that vestigial Jones (she even has that tune as her cell phone ringtone, LOL), given all the racist bullshit she had to put up as a young child with when we lived there. Maybe it has something to do with Cheryl's family, far and away the best people I've ever known.

Jerry (and all of you), I owe ya. That was funny. Danielle was totally stoked.

Below, shot of the night?

What a bass ride...Jeez...brain bleed...

Dunno, as I review my stash, I shot a lot of missed-the-mark crap tonight. Perhaps it was the Dewars (I normally eschew a taste 'til after the show). But, below, these aren't bad.

Tonight, Abe did Tyriq's "I Feel Good," and ripped the rebar outa the floor. And then, he and Tony hooked up to share Tower's "Get Your Feet Back On The Ground." It thundered. Just unreal, the talent level in this band. It never gets old, not one for so much as one lick.

Crushing percussion sit-ins tonight. Marcia Chapa from Beyonce again came to hang and throw down (she sat in back in January, recall), as did our elegant brother Daniel De Los Reyes.

Larry Aberman from the Cirque Zumanity show came up to do "Soul Trilogy." He's been 'shedding the book lately, 'cause he's gonna be subbing for Pepe soon. Cat is another serious Bad Boy.

The talent, We are so blessed.

What a night...


Oh, yeah. I already have it via iTunes. It is slammin'!

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