Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 13th gig at The Palms

We're baaa.aaa.ck.k.k.k.

I thought 'well, this could go one of two ways. Either they'll still be ramped to the firewall after SLC, or there could be a slight let-down after that heady jazz festival experience.'

Not to worry. Another Monday night slam-fest. Having a great crowd made that inevitable, I suppose.

We had to shuck & jive a bit waiting for Pepe, Dave, and Jamie to arrive. Flamingo was down to one lane westbound from I-15 to the Palms, which didn't help. Pepe and Dave got in OK from Lion King, but Jamie was still in transit, and we decided to launch anyway.

Jeff Ray opened for Jerry (who was also in transit, from his Wayne Brady gig).

The cats rolled the dice and opened with "South American Sojourn," after which "Rosanna" was up on the set list. Jamie stepped up on the stage just in time, and it was all good. Jeff fried the guitar ride (Jerry got in and was watching from backstage, all smiles).

We were also again blessed with our bro' Abe LaMarca coming in to cover for Tyriq 'til he could get over from his "Legends" show.

Abe's scorching lead vocal on Tower's "Get Your Feet Back on the Ground" brought the house to their feet. Yikes!

Tony Davich also copped a Standing-O with his crushing rendition of "You Don't Know Me."

The next crazed en masse standing ovation was brought on by Rochon.

Imagine my surprise. The Nuclear Reactor of the bass world.

No, any concerns I had about a possible minor energy letdown were unwarranted. The cats were all over it all night. At the close, at the end of "Living For The City," the entire room erupted loudly, everyone on their feet. Great show.

More shots:

Michito Sanchez in the house!!! Gabe and Linda are down in SoCal doin' the new Grandparents thing. Michito gave up his only night off in a month to come and cover.

Tyriq "Buckles" Johnson in the house...

Thank you all for coming out. Without you, we are nothing.

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