Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 6th gig at The Palms

Great show last night. Sorry for the blogging delay. Sometimes it just gotta be that way. Stay tuned, incremental blogging now underway.

The band had amazing, thundering energy and in-the-pocket snappiness all night. And, Phil Wigfall in particular was a Man On Fire. Simply glorious to witness those many screaming rides. I leaned over to Cheryl at one point (yeah, she's home for a few days), and said, "well, you sure picked a good night to come to the hang."

Yes, indeed...

Major props to Abe LaMarca for comin' in to sing for Tyriq. Tyriq's "Legends" show runs way long sometimes. He finally made it to the gig, and the upside for us was that we got to see and hear two awesome front lines throwin' down. They also featured Abe on "Higher Ground," on which Jamie normally sings the lead. Abe totally fried it. What a singer!

Welcome back, Jamie!

New Front of House gear now. Nice board.

Below, always count on Rochon to blow the walls out.

Glenn Colby again filling in for Gil Kaupp. This pic below is from his killer muted trumpet solo during Jerry's "Ev'rybody Wants to Love You."

We're in the middle of "subs season" these days, and are so blessed to have so much A-List talent on whom to call.

More scenes from a hang...

One more awesome show.

Don't forget, this Friday we headline at the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival. Come on up if you can make it.

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