Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 20th gig at The Palms

SRO house, all crammed in and ramped up for The Healing, band on fire. Just another night at the office. Stay tuned, 2:18 a.m., I'm triaging shots...

OK, this one worked out nicely. Dueling trumpet solos, Glenn Colby and Gil Kaupp during "Negrita."

Rachel Eckroth in the house! We again made her sit in.

Rachel will be on my next "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast (it's overdue, but it's coming). One serious artist, she is. I've got her MySpace tunes running in another window right now while blogging. Wonderful pure jazz stuff, and some eclectic selections.

Below, elevated backshot during "Soul Trilogy."

Above, Nathan. I scored a number of good shots of him tonight. His Las Vegas Jazz Connection concert on Sunday was simply amazing (see prior blog post). Below, our Fearless Leader. Man, did he ever throw down tonight!

Below, his equally talented brother Dr. Lenny, ripping the guts out of "Brother to Brother."

Other tunes of note tonight: "Pack it Up", "Ain't That Peculiar?", "Love Jungle", "Come Back Home", "Come Together", "Wishing Well" (Rachel sitting in on both of those), "Soul Trilogy", "System of Survival." One totally slammin' evening.

More shots...

Above, regular sub Mike Gonzales came to hang, and got collared to sit in.

So, after the gig, Abe LaMarca says to me "man, that was the easiest thousand dollars I ever made."


I have more shots, but I'm tired. I've been shooting and posting all weekend. I'm gonna crash and post more after I get up and take care of some stuff.

Thanks for coming out tonight!

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inspireya said...

Thanks for the recap, Bobby and for the seat at your table. It was *SO* great to be back and to see ya'll.