Sunday, July 05, 2009

Midnight July 4th gig at Palace Station

Well, it was the "33.3% solution." Five subs outa fifteen cats on stage: Garrett Hypes on bari, Tom Delibero on trumpet, Dave Phillipus on trombone, Derek Jones on bass, and Bill Zappia on keys. That's not counting Mike Gonzales (keys) and Abe LaMarca, both of whom, while "subs" relative to the regular lineup, are regulars for the Saturday night gigs.

It went down fine, though the crowd was a bit light. Derek took a bass ride at the end during "System of Survival" that left everyone shaking their heads. He and Pepe fed off each other for a total Slamma-Jamma. It was too cool.

Gettin' a late start today. Busy, after a late night. A few pics...

This was the last Saturday night Palace Station gig for us for now. They're cut the budget. We hear they're even gonna cut back on some of the comedy shows. Sign of the times.

See y'all at The Palms tomorrow night.


Great singer and great person, she is. Drop by if you can. No cover, no minimum.

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