Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th 2009 weekend update

First, the Cordle-Scott Band is at the House of Blues this weekend, Courtyard Restaurant, 10 pm - 1 am, Fri, Sat.

Then, also, tomorrow night, 7 pm in the Ovation Showroom at Green Valley Ranch, our new R&B/Funk group Backbeat Village US debuts.

Nice bass lines, Jozef. Great use of silent spaces, and nice tone.

I'm gonna go check 'em out and get some shots for you and them.

Finally, on Sunday at UNLV, the Las Vegas Jazz Connection will give a concert entitled "My Fair Lady Swings," under the baton of our own Nathan Tanouye. From the great Jerry Fink Las Vegas Sun article about the orchestra:
The 17-piece Las Vegas Jazz Connection will perform “My Fair Lady Swings,” jazzed up songs from the 1956 Broadway musical, at a concert Sunday at UNLV.

“It’s a selection of songs from the show, preserving the story line,” producer Carolyn Freeman says. “It’s only about an hour long, seamless from beginning to end.”

The music is based on the 1964 Shelly Manne recording, “My Fair Lady, the Unoriginal Cast,” which was arranged by a young John Williams, who later wrote the music for “Star Wars.”

“This is a really great arrangement by John Williams,” says Nathan Tanouye, the 34-year-old composer, arranger and trombonist, who will conduct the orchestra. “Not many people know what Williams did before getting into writing film scores. It’s pretty fantastic.”

Manne was one of the most sought-after drummers in Los Angeles during a recording career that spanned the 1940s to the ’80s. Originally a saxophonist, Manne switched to drums when he was 18 and worked with such greats as Les Brown, Stan Kenton and Woody Herman. Manne began recording as a band leader on a regular basis in 1953 when he put together the quintet Shelly Manne and His Men.

He recorded a jazz instrumental version of “My Fair Lady” in 1956. The later recording included vocals by Jack Sheldon as Professor Henry Higgins and Irene Kral as Eliza Doolittle.

Sunday’s concert features local Vegas icon Clint Holmes as Higgins and Cyndi-Lee (former vocalist with “Jubilee!”) as Doolittle.

“They will have a different interpretation,” Freeman says. “They will make it their own.”

I'll be there to get some shots as well. 2 pm.

BTW, I'm still awaiting the upload of Marty Collins' photos from the SLC Jazz Festival so I can re-post some of them on the blog. They were to have been uploaded by Wednesday, but they're having issues.

Oh, yeah, Jamie's been on my case to get onto Skype, so Cheryl and I can do internet video phone VoIP calls while she's either over at HQ in Walnut Creek or out on the road doing project audits. So, I finally installed it here today, and Cheryl is gonna do likewise on her Powerbook this weekend at the apartment. It's a free service, from Skype-to-Skype computer user accounts. My login username is "VegasBoomer" ("BobbyG" was already taken).


My bro' Robert Conti recently.

"Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Robert Conti performs in concert with the new Conti Archtop Guitar, at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts on June 24, 2009."


Funny cartoon in The Sun this week:

Somebody defaced the sign with some lame graffiti.


This 80 year old woman was arrested for shop lifting.
When she went before the judge in Cincinnati he asked her,
"What did you steal?" She replied, "A can of peaches."

The judge then asked her why she had stolen the can of peaches
and she replied that she was hungry. The judge then asked her
how many peaches were in the can. She replied 6.

The judge then said, "I will then give you 6 days in jail."

Before the judge could actually pronounce the punishment, the
woman's husband spoke up and asked the judge if he could say
something. The judge said, "What is it?"

The husband said, "She also stole a can of peas."

LOL, Carole, that woulda been our Dad.


We've surpassed The Peoples' Republic (12.3% in NV vs 11.6% in CA). Ugh.

Walter Cronkite: 1916-2009

Rest in peace, good man.

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