Monday, November 02, 2009

Champlin Tour pre-show sound check

Wow, was that ever fine, a two hour sound check and run-through. Y'all are in for a real treat tonight. A preview set of the Bill Champlin "Bichin tour" that will be a glorious overdose of elegant, state of the art stomp-ass.

Bill had me play his axe after they were done. Wow. Am I blessed, or what? I played and sang "Here Is Where Your Love Belongs" for him, and he gave me some interesting backstory on how he originally wrote that tune, and how it then got arranged and recorded.

Join us tonight. Bill and Tam and the cats go on at 10:15. It is gonna be wild!


Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready for the shows. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Bobby, 150% as usual. This is a stellar project with a level yet to be established on the worldly rating charts.