Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 14th miscellany

Below, some stops thus far along The Bichin Tour. Oh, yeah! Jay Graydon stops by, as does Bonnie Raitt.

Tonight: Santa Rosa, The Last Day Saloon. Cheryl's goin'. She just got back to Walnut Creek at midnight last night from project trips to San Antonio and Omaha. Wish I was goin' with her tonight :(


"Buechner has it all... intelligence, integrity and all-encompassing technical prowess" (Tim Page, The New York Times)

"A pianist of exceptional merit, a musician of evident integrity, with an all-encompassing technique and natural sense of the composer's propulsive style....the pianisim never less than 100% committed and breathtaking" (Pianoforte Magazine, England). "What strikes you immediately about the pianist Sara Davis Buechner is the honesty and integrity of her playing" (Washington Post). "There is no struggle in Ms. Buechner's supple, articulate and nuanced performances... I can't imagine this music played with more integrity and affection" (Anthony Tommasini, New York Times).

Below: Check this out.

"Pianist Sara Davis Buechner performs Kouji Taku's Variations on a theme of Poulenc. April 5th, 2008 at Town Hall, Seattle."

Yeah, now check this out (NY Times today). Watch their embedded video clip.



Wishin' I was at the Bichin Tour Santa Rosa show tonight with Cheryl :(

I'm bringin' my Ma to the house tomorrow for pasta and key lime pie (Danielle and Keenan are comin' over), so I been slavin' over the sauce today (it's always better when you re-heat it after it's first been cooked).

What a difference 45 years makes. BobbyG 1964 (9 o'clock, nerdy-assed newbie road musician MoFo; that's Cuz Jojo at 4 o'clock):

Below: BobbyG tonight in my bathroom, camera on a tripod, aimed it into the mirror and then looked at my reflection in the lense, 10 sec shutter delay...

I'm fixin' to get a haircut. I don't usually let my remaining hairs get this long, so I shot this just 'cause. And then dropped it into my Adobe Illustrator promo sheet template. Uploaded it to my "other" MySpace page as well.

BTW, major props to Sony Repairs. They fixed the shit outa my Alpha 350 camera, and turned it around in 10 days, door-to-door, out and back in
(I dealt with them directly, down in Laredo TX). The manager at Ritz Camera (where I'd bought it) told me "6 to 8 weeks." Dude, you were just tryin' to sell me another rig.

7:55 PM

Jamie just sent me this from Santa Rosa, from his cell phone to my cell phone: "Look who just showed up!"

Baby, have a great time tonight!

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