Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18th midweek update

First, last night at The Freakin' Frog. You wanna hear some serious straight-ahead jazz, go and hang here. I was proud of our local bro's. Thought I was in The Village.

Those are all the decent shots I could manage in the weak-assed lighting. Drummer was pretty much in the dark, as was Julian (on soprano). Notwithstanding, I gotta say, the cats were smokin'!


10:30 pm, The Cheyenne Saloon.
  • Nick Evans Mowery, Guitar & Vocal
  • Yves Frulla, Piano (Former Keyboard Player for Celine Dion 20 yrs)
  • Billy Bilger, Drums (Former Drummer for Sammy Davis Jr)
  • Tod Andrews, Bass

This is pretty cool. Saw a story about it on The Las Vegas Sun website.

Our Mission

This site is dedicated to our service men and women everywhere, who defend us at great sacrifice to themselves and their families and at high risk to their own physical safety and their very lives. While we can never repay them, each of us can certainly do our part to help and support them. One great way to do this is to give those in our military that are musically talented the opportunity to be heard and the chance to realize financial gain from their music and talent and maybe even go all the way. 100% of the Download Profits Go To Our Military Artists.

I note that today, one of their featured "Top Artists" is our own homie Ric Ulsky.

UPDATE: I've had to enable "Comment Moderation" on all of my blogs. Just got hit by some asshat with a bogus hidden/anonymous screen name mass commenting a bunch of Kanji-type character gibberish across many of my posts.


One of Lenny's kids is goin' here. He wanted me to check it out, so I slid by and picked him up last night and we cruised over (S. Eastern at Patrick Ln).

It is way cool.

There was a cat givin' a guitar/theory class in another room to four youngsters. I was gonna shoot a pic of that too, but, then I thought, "hmmm...might be some parental consent issues there...nah..."

Lenny tells me that Jerry got The Hard Rock to donate a bunch of guitars to them, so kids who would otherwise not be able to buy an axe could use one here to learn on. That is very cool.

Richard tells me their website will be up very soon. I will post it and link it when it comes online.


I'm on her mailing list. I dig her stuff. Whew! I have her CDs. If you're in SoCal tonight, you might wanna go hang.

How's this for a band lineup? 'eh? Yikes.


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