Monday, November 16, 2009

No gig tonight, again

Yeah, sux, for us.

Bill Champlin and posse are in transit up to the Portland, Oregon area, as The Bichin Tour continues.

What were we all doin' a year ago on our Monday night?

Two years ago?

Armando Peraza in the House!!

Three years ago?

Derek Jones in the House!!

That's as far back as I can go. The blog will be 4 years old this coming January. 637 posts to date.

BTW, got an email today from Disc Makers saying the new CD dupe run will be complete on Nov 25th. Maybe, just maybe I'll have the stash for our next Santa Fe gig at The Palms on the 30th.

Speaking of CDs:

I will honor the $2 shipping/handling thru the 30th, but there have been two USPS price increases since I first re-issued this product, and I'm gonna have to go up a buck soon. Of course, you can buy 'em at the gig for simply $10


Jam session, 9 pm. 4700 S. Maryland Pkwy, across from UNLV. Our bro' Jeff Ray sent me the heads-up on Facebook. I will be there with my camera. Maybe I'll bring my electric axe, too. Ever since Jeff touched it, it plays better.


Above, that'd make a cool bumper sticker, 'eh? We essentially now own the Google search results. All you gotta do is enter "Fat City Horns" (you don't even need the enclosing quotation marks). Below, the first page of results, return entries 1 thru 9.

[click to enlarge] I set those wheels in motion when I started the blog (and when I bought and established the original "" domain name), by embedding extensive "meta-tags" in the "under-the-hood" html code. In geek-speak, this is known as one tactic of "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization), and many companies pay for front-page positioning.

The other thing that helps with Google search result ranking is reciprocal linking. The Google spider/web-crawler algorithms see sites with large webs of reciprocal links as more worthy than those lacking them.

Didn't cost me a penny.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Bobby. A year ago.... I remember it well. Awesome show, during a devilish time.
Thanks for the reminder!

Onto Portland! Hope to see you there!