Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cordle-Scott Band at BB King's

Brad and Tim and the cats will play again tomorrow night, 10 pm - 2 am. No cover, no minimum. Big place. Nice booth seating up front. Parking was pretty easy. So, if you can make it out, in lieu of the Santa Fe Monday night Palms' gig, given that we're dark, you'll hear some great playing and singing. Dean Reichert absolutely fries on guitar.

They have an early shift and a late shift (first band starts at 5 pm). Tonight when I got there Phil Flowers and his band were finishing up their last set.

Nice cat. Great singer.


[Nov 11th] Brad Cordle reports on his Facebook page that the new Vegas B.B. King's has given all the local bands the boot already. This is what happens when you have artistically clueless, soil-your-shorts-over-transient-basis-points-disappointment spreadsheet jockey/MBA types and F&B Suits in charge. My Facebook reaction:

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