Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 15th at The Trop LV, special guest Freddie Ravel returns!


Our guest artist tonight is Freddie Ravel, currently performing with Carlos Santana's band over at the Hard Rock, and whose resume and list of accomplishments are too many to list here, but check out his site for more info: We are so looking forward to this show and know that you will be moved by his performance.

The band will be playing 4 of Freddie's original compositions and unveiling a brand new song that addresses our belief that there is real healing in music, the song is called "Gratitude" and has "thank you" in 11 different languages in the lyric.

Following our show in the theater, THE SUMMIT - an eighteen piece big band musical explosion will be playing in the Celebration Lounge directly outside of the showroom! Vegas at its best!

- Jerry Lopez


Jerry just informed me that we will have Freddie Ravel CDs on sale at the gig tonight. Also, we will now be able to accept credit card payment on the gigs. Just struck up a "merchant account" deal via CD Baby.

This will include any debit cards carrying the VISA logo.


The calm before the storm. Below, Jerry warms up his Flamenco chops prior to showtime.

And then, a shot of Jerry throwin' it down for real...

The cat is just fabulous.

Our onstage guests tonight: Rocco Prestia, Russ McKinnon, and Freddie Ravel!

Much more to come. This is a 2:31 a.m. first installment. I haven't been home all that long...

Tunes of note in the set list: the opening "South American Sojourn," "Love Somebody," Pack It Up," "Come Together," "Ain't That Peculiar?" and Tower's "Get Your Feet Back On The Ground" (featuring Rocco and Russ). And then four of Freddie's tunes, followed by a closing "Living For The City."

More shots, randomly.

Above, another great crowd. Thank you all for coming. Below, tonight's big band hang was outasite, drew a huge crowd also.

Gotta say, Freddie Ravel's new song "Gratitude" is simply wonderful. Can't wait 'til that gets recorded.

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