Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend notes

First, tomorrow (and every Sunday morning) from 8 am to noon. Ric and Jackie Gould's wonderful smooth jazz show on 97.1 The Point. Tomorrow's agenda here.


The controversial Obama Stimulus program just created a job!


I got a call last night from the Director of HR at HealthInsight. A week from Monday, on March 1st, three years to the day after being laid off, I return to work under a new four year federal stimulus project contract for health information technology consulting (mostly what I was doing last time, 'til Medicare pulled back some of the funding after we'd gotten way overcommitted in the then-current contract cycle, precipitating a significant staff RIF). Basically, I'll again be working with outpatient medical clinics amid a Nevada-Utah project team to facilitate docs' en masse transition to full, effective use of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records).

Unreal. Imagine my gratitude.

Yes, this will inevitably impact the blog (and -- sigh -- locks me in to my SW Airlines marriage). No more stayin' up 'til 4-5 a.m. But, I'm gonna look into getting a MacBook Pro to do at least partial blogging updates right at the gig. If I can get home and be in the sack by 1 a.m. or so, I'll be fine.


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