Friday, February 12, 2010

GVR Lon Bronson Band hang featuring Tower of Power cats

Nice. Very nice. Great, enthusiastic turnout.

Garrett Hypes and The Funky Doctor!

They called it a "squeal-fest." Indeed. Tom Politzer of Tower, along with Andrew Friedlander and Joe Escriba lit things up. All we needed was Lenny Pickett. Our cats would have put him to the test.

Below, Jim Buck plays so fine!

Above, Tony Masterantonio on guitar. Cat plays fine (Tony did the CD art for the new Santa Fe CD, btw).

Tower's here in town this weekend, at The Cannery. And, the Cordle-Scott Band will be at The House of Blues Friday, Saturday, and Monday.


Tyriq Johnson's new CD soon to be released.


Some of you may have noticed that while my Monday night gig report blog posts have gotten larger and larger, recently my midweek and weekend posts have fallen off a bit. This owes to my having picked back up on my gym rat Jones with a vengeance. I've been too sedentary lately, and decided that all this pub crawling and computer time was getting in the way of my health. In the past 10 days I've been back in the gym 5 times, pumping iron and playing a shitload of full-court. I feel a lot better already, and my legs are already back up to where I can do a couple hours of 5 on 5 at a stretch without breathing hard (btw, the really serious run is at 24 Hr Fitness on Sahara at Buffalo). While I love supporting all of our cats and chicks in our extended tribe (and will continue to do so), I am not the local nightlife reporter (unpaid, at that). Others are doing that, and I gotta spend more time in the gym.

I need to get two numbered jerseys made. One with the psychiatric DSM-IV code for "Delusions of Grandeur," and the other for "Dangerous to Self and Others," LOL!

Speaking of clinical disorders...


Great article in the L.A. Times by Rachel Abramowitz. About the enverating, sometimes fatal thermonuclear narcissism and pandemic jive of Hollywood.
"Heroin is a preservative," said Doug Rosen, explaining, tongue in cheek, why he looks almost exactly as he did seven years ago when he was a rising Hollywood producer with a healthy six-figure salary, a spanking new Audi A4, a $3,000-a-month, one bedroom apartment and, oh yes, an $80,000-a-year drug habit...

..."If you're an incomplete, vacant person, this is an industry that can seduce you," said Rosen. "I got seduced. Nobody wronged me."

For therapists, psychiatrists and spiritual counselors with Hollywood clientele, Rosen is a familiar type, a walking casualty of the entertainment business, where the narcissistic fantasy of stardom as an actor, director, producer or writer -- often seen as more important than the actual work of acting, directing, producing or writing -- collides with the rejection, failure or limited success that is the reality for the vast majority in the industry. Patients suffer from the mistaken assumption that that showbiz glory will somehow insulate them from emptiness or the mundane hardships of day-to-day life...

Excellent read, highly recommended. I saw a lot of this stuff up close back when Sissy was sick.

One of my favorite movies, LOL!

I'm off in a bit to see Tower of Power tonight at The Cannery. You know it'll be slammin'. Showtime is 8 pm.

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