Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feb 1st gig at The Trop LV, post-show report

I just offloaded almost 200 shots. Been looking through them for more than an hour. I'll let the pics do the talking first -- except to note up front for clarity, we had a number of great guests sitting in tonight: Christine LaFond, Clint Holmes, Earl Turner, and Michael Anthony Hengan. It was slammin'.

I'll start with the pre-show quiet before the storm...

Then the curtain goes up...

First up, after "Just Kidding," Lenny throws down "Brother to Brother."

Christine LaFond is escorted up to dazzle everyone with "Use Me Up."

Christine will appear in the lounge at the Trop this Thursday with her fine band Odyssey.

The esteemed Clint Holmes!

Clint and Earl Turner...

Michael Anthony Henegan in the house!

Above, Fat City Superstore's Lorraine Fidler does a commercial break to hustle our CDs.

Yeah, man, one fine show. Other notable tunes in the set list: "Love Jungle," "Into The Light," "Come Back Home," "Wishing Well," "Soul Trilogy," "My Land of the Sun"...

Thanks to everyone for showing up. Without you, we are nothing.

Below, the big band hang...

Also, below, note lower right. That's Santa Fe alum Carlos David Perez. Appearing in the Celebration Lounge at The Trop.

Oh, and, BTW...

Let's do it again next week! Everyone spread the word.




Yikes. That, of course, is our scary homie Brandon Fields on sax. Props to Dawayne Bailey for posting this on Crackbook.


From the R-J today:

Well, this caused a banal local media shitstorm today.

OK, so don't waste money in Vegas. Simply come to The Trop and stay over through Monday night for our free show
. Problem solved. :)


I just got off the phone with Cheryl. She has to go to San Antonio in the morning for work again.

OK, I turn 64 a week from today, LOL. So, I had this idea of goofing her with a send-up of the Beatles' "When I'm Sixty Four." ("...many hours from now...") I need a funky keyboard track to put in Garageband and sing my abridged lyrics to her.

Think Steely Dan's "Babylon Sisters" hump groove. In B-flat. Somebody help me out with an mp3 rendition I can dump into Garageband and sing over. Make it nasty. Nasty. I don't ask for shit from y'all. I'm asking now. :)

- BobbyG


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Michaelina said...

You do amazing work Bobby. You definately use the "talents" God gave you. And you have such a beautiful daughter! Hugzz to you and yours!

BobbyG said...

I removed the comment by Anonymous, a.k.a. "Phone Jammer." I will not allow spam.