Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 22nd gig at The Trop, post-show report

Above, the NW street view from our new prime real estate corner. Below, the calm before the storm.

I just dumped 200 shots outa my camera. Stay tuned...

Above, before the show, as they cycled through the grid, testing the scenes. These peeps have done everything thing we could have asked for and more to make the presentation vivid and successful. Major props and gratitude to the Trop LV management and staff.

Below, the unreal Brandon Fields again in the house! Yikes!

Yeah, man, what a hang...

Great set list tonight, Mostly legacy stuff, and all right in the pocket, with the minor exception of Nathan's "Come With Me," which sometimes gets rushed just a bit, as it was tonight. I'm probably the only one who notices (aside from Jerry and the cats). OTOH, "You Need A Hero" simply stomped ass, it was so on the money.

Below, the beautiful and talented Michaelina Bellamy gracing the post show big band set in the Celebration Lounge. Slammin'!



Anonymous said...

Those guy were great last night!! I've been there the last 3 Mondays and every week it just keeps getting better!! Props to you for the Fantastic Photo's. There are some shots that look like they should be in a concert magazine. The sound was fantastic you could feel it just moving you, And the lighting was awesome the cool colors and pools of light!! It seems like each week the lights are just customized for each song!! It looks great Hats off to Santa Fe's Lighting Guy,Sound Guy and You for Capturing these great shots.

Cathy McNamera said...

I have to agree about the Lighting, pictures and sound.At some points the sound would get just a little to loud but maybe I'm just getting old! By the way the Bands sound guys name is Sonny (something),I don't know what their Lighting guy's name is but he's really good.It must be someone different than they had at the Palm's or Caesars,because like you said everything just fit the different songs so well and over there it was kinda just OK. But great shows every week and a great Venue to Heal at.I heard the band say last week that the showroom was closing down that would be a shame! Sante Fe is a perfect fit in that room.