Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, November 13th

Wow. The band was hittin' on all 14 cylinders tonight. Rochon is out of town this week, so Derek Jones from the Cirque du Soleil "Ka" show subbed on bass. Derek was ALL OVER IT! Man, the band sounded so good. I am so spoiled to Rochon, but I gotta give it up huge to Derek, he really stepped up and delivered -- no easy task. I knew right from the opening verse of "Just Kidding" that this was gonna be killer, and sure enough, the band's energy and tightness were totally there. Major props to this awesome cat, and to the band for throwing down so fine yet again.

Some pics from the evening before I crash:

OK, now, check this out. I just bought a 2 gigabyte chip for my digital still camera, it's a 3.2 megapixel Fuji that's a couple of years old (and passe by now), but it does 30 fps VGA video and has a built-in condensor mic. So I shot the Fat City Horns opening the 2nd show doing "Intermission." No editing or anything, just converted it to mpeg and uploaded it to YouTube. LOL!

It loses some resolution in the conversion from straight QuickTime mp4 video (looks a lot cleaner on my iMac), but, hey...

I first used the camera this way a couple of weeks ago, shooting my Grandson's tennis tournament final up in Summerlin. Keenan is only 12 (and already 5'8"), and just broke into the top 100 National USTA amateur rank for his age group (he's now 98th in the country). Proud Granddaddy (particularly proud that he's a straight-A student and perfect gentleman).

So, the little camera did OK tonight, 'eh? (the video comes outa the camera in AVI format, and this short ~1.5 min clip was about 87 megs before conversion to mpeg, which compressed it down to about 10.2 megs.)

Don't forget tomorrow night Jerry Lopez and Friends at the E-String on Sunset in Henderson, 9 pm. BobbyG and Cheryl will be there. Join us. More kick-ass music by some fine cats. Please come out and support top-shelf live music.




Tonight, at Cedars' Mediterranean Grill on Durango at Twain, vocalist Loni Clark and jazz drummer husband Eugene Balog will be performing beginning at 9 pm. They are again opening up the stage to interested players wishing to sit in and jam. Check it out. See my prior blog post about this gig.

Also, don't forget the Ronnie Foster group on Saturdays at 9 pm at the University Patio Bar & Grill, 4275 S. Maryland Pkwy by UNLV.


Anonymous said...

I like it! Just like being there for a minute.

BobbyG said...

mickijay !!!!

We miss you. Hope you are well.