Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New gig at the E-String

I hope people will make the effort to come and hang on Tuesday nights (9 pm) at the E-String (Sunset & Valley Verde) to witness this hip new thang. Above, L to R, Bill Zappia on keys, thumpin' Joel Richman on tubs, the eminent Tommy Alvarado on saxes, vocals, and congas, Chris Gordon on bass, and our own Jerry Lopez on guitar. Last night was the inaugural gig, and they came out smokin'. The thing that's particularly nice for me is that this kind of a lineup gives Jerry a chance to really stretch and play flat-out in extended fashion (he did a kick-ass Michael Ruff tune last night, replete with 3-part harmonies, that was killer).

Tommy Alvarado-- wow! What can I say? Not only does he have major, major reed chops, the cat has a voice a mile high and wide. He did Jarreau's "Mornin'" last night, one of my favs. Go, dude!

Chris Gordon, whom I first heard at the Sunday night jazz jam at The Hurricane, is yet another Serious Bad Boy, and he and ace drummer Joel Richman are a machine together. Finally, what can I say about Bill Zappia. I first heard him one night when he subbed for Dave with Santa Fe (Aug 14th, to be exact), reading the book cold, like, 'no sweat.'

Also, Gabriel Falcon showed up, and they promptly put him to work on "Negrita." Yeah!

The E-String is a nice venue with a ton of potential. Sound system is not bad. The stage lighting could be a lot brighter, with some rear Par Cans added for backlighting and some Fresnel pin spots added to the front rack (we're talkin' chump change here). I tried to cop some shots last night, but gave up after a few. They suck; the lighting is just too dim.

A crowd was drifting in about the time I had to leave. Again, spread the word. This can be a really fine gig.


We wish Prince the best with his new residency at the Rio.

Don't forget to go and hang with Ronnie Foster and his band at the University Patio Bar & Gill on Maryland Pkwy by UNLV tomorrow night at 9 pm. You know they will be throwin' down, big-time.

Also, Mundo Juillerat and his Hot Club of Las Vegas will be appearing at ReJAVAnate on Sunday from 1-3 pm (Flamingo & Pecos), this time
featuring Carol Linnea Johnson of "Mamma Mia" on vocals.

3300 E. Flamingo Road, #23 (at Pecos)
Las Vegas, NV 89121


Anonymous said...

What can I say man!
You are just the best thing that has happenned to us frustrated blues players trying to play jazz. LOL
we all really appreciate what you are doing out there.
we love it!!
Much Thanks,
Tommy Alvarado

BobbyG said...

You are quite welcome. bro'. I am at your service, all of you fine people.